The Book of Barni
  • Zágoni Balázs
  • The Book of Barni
  • Koinónia, 2018
  • 64 oldal
  • Kötés: Kartonált
  • Méret: 165x169 mm
  • ISBN: 978-973-165-187-3
  • Illusztrátor: Markéta Vydrová
  • Fordító: Komporály Jozefina


30 RON
25.5 RON



Dear children! Have you met Barni yet? If not, you can get to know a newfriend in this book – a friend who is going through all sorts of stuff you havealso experienced, as well as things you’d quite like to live through yourself.With the help of the Giant Black Dog, Barni learned to ride a bike, wentshopping on his own, and – believe it or not – took a peek at the Angelbus andhad a go at driving a locomotive. In case your curiosity was stirred up by thisbook, you can find many other adventures in the follow-up books Barni és alányok/Barni and the Girls, Barni Berlinben/Barni in Berlin and Barniéktele/Barni’s Winter.


  • A szerző további könyvei
Barniék tele

Zágoni Balázs

29 RON
24.65 RON / 1990 Ft

Méret: 162x175 mm ,
72 oldal. Kötött.

Barni könyve

Zágoni Balázs

26 RON
22.1 RON / 1980 Ft

Méret: 165x175 mm ,
112 oldal. Kötött.

Kolozsvári mesék

Zágoni Balázs

35 RON
29.75 RON / 2500 Ft

Méret: 195x195 mm ,
104 oldal. Keménytáblás.